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I, Vickie Robinson and my family live North of Aztec, NM in the high desert. We got into goats 20 years ago after falling in love with the baby goats of a friends. Nothing is cuter than a baby goat running and hopping around, full of life and their tummies full of wonderful goats’ milk.

Both of our daughters were members of 4-H, so before long we were in the swing of showing our goats at local fairs and shows. But before long the milk production of our girls far outstripped our consumption. What to do? After researching the multiple products that can be made from goats’ milk, I settled on soaps and lotions. After hours and hours of research, (that is still ongoing as you can never learn too much), I embarked on a lifelong love affair with handmade soaps.  The most important ingredient in our soaps is goat milk, which has been used as a luxurious beauty aid for centuries. The milk proteins, which contain alpha-hydroxy acids and lactic acid, are helpful at renewing skin cells. The pH is much closer to our skins pH than commercial soaps. Goat milk is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, creamy, and moisturizing, a special treat for your skin.

Margarita Sunrise SoapWe use only natural colorants; ultramarines and micas. Soaps scented with vanilla or cinnamon type fragrances will turn a shade of brown. Herbs and botanicals may affect color slightly too. We do not use any chemical colorants. There are numerous clays mined from the earth that are beneficial to the skin! Some soaps use Bentonite  clay, especially my shaving soaps as it gives a nice slip to your razor. Rose clay and French green clays for their beneficial properties. All real soap are made with Lye mixed with fats and/or oils. Lye is Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide, the former makes hard bars, while the latter makes liquid soap. When mixed, the process is called saponification.

I love the wonderful, indulgent soaps and lotions produced from our creamy goats’ milk and all the different swirls, drops, patterns and designs that you can produce in soaps and hope that your will too. I think I maybe a frustrated artist at heart. But why use a plain bar of soap when you can have vibrant colors and exotic smells in your shower or bath?

So please feel free to browse our offerings and Indulge your senses by trying our luxurious soaps, lotions and other beauty products made just for you and your skin.